WARSAW>KIN<BERLIN – Finisage and guided tour with Elisabeth Sonneck and Katie Zazenski

28.10.23 / G.13:00

Galeria Promocyjna, Staromiejski Dom Kultury - Rynek Starego Miasta 2, Warszawa

The curators will talk about the exhibition, the idea behind WARSAW>KIN<BERLIN project and also FRINGE Warszawa, the unique qualities of artist-run-spaces in these cities, and the roles that these spaces, and the people that run them, play in the contemporary art community.

Elisabeth Sonneck works intermedially between extended painting concepts, temporary sculpture, installation, and since 2006 focuses on site-specific paper installations: flexible, fragile spatial bodies are developed from the material tension of long, rolled sheets of paper and then transformed into precise, precarious balances. Subtle nuances of color and found everyday remnants collide to create new functional symbioses beyond hierarchies. Her work has been shown in museums, off-spaces, galleries, art institutions, and public spaces, and is represented in private and public collections (Austria/Canada/France/Germany/Hongkong/Italy/Poland/PR China/Switzerland/Taiwan/The Netherlands/UK/USA). Sonneck has also initiated and curated numerous exhibition projects that explore the dynamics of color and space. Since 2018 she runs super bien! Berlin (founded 2006), which is dedicated to sitespecific research and expanded spatial concepts and experiences in public space.

Katie Zazenski is an artist, curator, writer, and editor. As the director of Stroboskop (since 2018), she has curated and produced over 30 exhibitions and projects, has hosted and participated in numerous artist talks and lectures, and has worked with over 100 artists and cultural workers. Since 2020 she has been a contributing writer to BLOK magazine. In 2021, she took on the role of co-editor-in-chief with colleagues Vera Zalutskaya and Ewa Borysiewicz, operating together as a horizontally structured editorial team. Core studio interests include the negotiation of digital and physical ‘public’ space, contemporary art ecosystems and the role of the periphery, and developing new models for cultural work and production. She regularly lectures on sculpture, drawing, and exhibition production at institutions in the US and Poland. Zazenski received her MFA in Sculpture from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and is a two-time Fulbright fellow to Poland.

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